World Cup Qualifiers – England Team Ego’s.

No real upsets but what’s happened the

France? Are they failing again? Will Russia dogde and weave their magic? We know so little about Russian football that they are the dark horse.
England v Borrack-stan  РAccording to a mate of mine (who went to Wembley) the England match was disappointing. Mid field was sluggish, Rooney (despite gettin goals) did nout! Theo was the only one who did anything attacking in the first half. (Trustworthy Gunner)
The England team seem to lack the passion that’s needed. Or what is it?? I know it takes time to get a team flowing together but these guys face each other nearly all the time! they

must know how each other thinks! Is it ego’s gettin in the way?? I think it could be. Who’s got the biggest car? who’s got the best sponsor? It all sounds like wank to me. These kids have no idea how to play for passion coz it’s takin away by money and the pressure to have money. The premier league stinks of it and English players are suffering as well as the country and fans. Take for example Beckham. Great player at the time – now he comes on for ticket holders sake! Takes his shirt off at the end and the girls are happy – the boys holding their 15th pint think they will, one day, be like him! They hate him BUT he’s still pullin in the crowds. And he may well do it again in NZ at the end of this year (stock market permitting)¬† Looks fade – but dumb is forever…and at present England football team isn’t even looking handsome but they are looking dumb – becoz they don’t know how to think as a team. Money changes everything and everything is what the English team is lacking!

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