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Arsenal v Man U

Arsenal v Man U…..what a match!!! I sit here now looking at my last comment/post – and i stand (happily) corrected! Arsenal did win! I said they would lose. Mr Wenger….if one day you read this…. please accept my humblist apologise. I also said that who ever wins this match would win the title……… The […]

Arsenal V Man U…..this’ll be interesting

A day or so out from the match and The Gunners show no real hope of winning this match against ‘one of the big boys’ in world football – Man U! BUT as the premier league is showing recently…..you can never be sure what any match holds. Somehow…… i can not see Arsenal taking this […]

Wellington Phoenix & NZ Football – NZL football we need to change the way we play

The Wellington Phoenix lost – surprise – freakin surprise!(NOT!) They are about as enjoyable as a smack in the head! For goodness sake…… can someone please play some decent football!!!? This tactic of ‘floating it into the box’ never ever works! Why can’t the players and staff see this?? They need to firstly get the […]

Gunners v Bolton – Davies should have been sent off!!

Gunners v Bolton….What a match! The lads got one in the head from a surprised Bolton, then the Gunners struck back and controlled for the rest of the game. At a few times they were abit shaky but they held pretty tight. No one is perfect and the league is still at it’s early stage. […]

Arsenal v Blackburn and the rest of the weekend

Arsenal v Blackburn was an entertaining match that the Gooners controlled for a lot of the time. Blackburn definitely had their chances but they just couldn’t finish. After last weeks England win, Theo Walcott is playing like a madman. It’s brilliant to see he has the confidence to play all over the pitch and set […]

Premier League, Arsenal, NZ Football & Money

NZ Football: Firstly congrates to The All Whites (in black) for winning 2 games on the trot. The last game was pretty impressive – just the finishing/taking chances was poor. 3 – 0 is a nice score but it should have been at least 10 – 0. BUT the guys put together some nice passing […]

Start of the English Premier League Season

Well, wasn’t that a great start to the new Premier League Season! Plenty of goals for sure and one or two upsets. Arsenal started the season off with a delightful match against an ‘under strength’ West Brom – only to find themselves struggling to find the net whilst West Brom gained confidence! Liverpool drew 1 […]

New Zealand Football at The Olympics

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One More Week Till Football

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the start of the English Premier League. Here in New Zealand we’ve had two months of total silence of football matches. Loads of friendlies have been played involving UK teams but none have not been available on our Sky channels here in NZ. Now the […]