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Arsenal v Liverpool football drama at it’s greatest

Arsenal v Liverpool was football drama at it’s greatest! Howard Webb (ref) had his worse ever match. If Adebayor should have been sent off for what he did in the 61st minute, then Keane should have been sent off alot earlier – and as for Lucas – who didn’t he foul on the pitch?? Adebayor’s […]

Arsenal v Liverpool – a day or so out

Arsenal v Liverpool. This weekend is make or break for Arsenal….and Liverpool. Arsenal lose – we are out of winning the Premiership trophy! Arsenal win? We are still in the race…..only just! Arsenal need the top 4 to drop points over the Christmas period! Liverpool need to keep their space apart form the rest as […]

Arsenal v M/B – another show of nothing

I don’t know about you – I’m not even sure who looks at this ‘Blog’ – but The Gunners are not firing anything! Not even firing blanks! This game was as about interesting as watching paint dry or growing grass. The Gunners were predicable and what’s with the huge clearances to no one by the […]

Arsenal v Wigan Football – SCORE GOALS NOT LOOK PRETTY!

Arsenal v Wigan…… Arsenal were much improved but still lack the maturity. Again…having Van Persie & Adebayor up front proved a handful for the Wigan defence BUT Wigan had an off day! The first half was entertaining, the second half started well for both teams but Arsenal failed to take benefit of their home advantage. […]

Arsenal v Aston Villa – All that Arsenal have is BIG EGOS!

Arsenal v Aston Villa or was it Villa v slack arses? Arsenal were still celebrating their recent wins instead of playin football! Wenger obvisously wanted everything to be held up and played in the midfield becoz Arsenal have no fire power up front!! It’s becoming so obvious now that since the departure of Henry many […]

Arsenal v Man U

Arsenal v Man U…..what a match!!! I sit here now looking at my last comment/post – and i stand (happily) corrected! Arsenal did win! I said they would lose. Mr Wenger….if one day you read this…. please accept my humblist apologise. I also said that who ever wins this match would win the title……… The […]

Arsenal V Man U…..this’ll be interesting

A day or so out from the match and The Gunners show no real hope of winning this match against ‘one of the big boys’ in world football – Man U! BUT as the premier league is showing recently…..you can never be sure what any match holds. Somehow…… i can not see Arsenal taking this […]

Arsenal v Stoke – Belief is wearing very thin!

Arsenal v Stoke City – What was that???  Wengers line….. ‘I beleive……………….I feel…… I beleive we have……………..’ Arsenal – Is today a team that failed to deliver AGAIN…. Youth? Maturity? I saw Arsenal players wanting to ‘abandon ship’ not play football!! Arsenal gave up! Adebayor got injured?? – not even i beleive that!  He gave […]

Arsenal v Fenerbahce

I was expecting a close match – being it played in Turkey…..however what I got – I was floored as much as the opposition! The Gunners were outstanding, ruthless and took no prisoners! We were lucky not to be scored against on many occassions and lucky is the word. Silvestre is still a big ‘questionable’. […]