Great Asset Project AND Business Cause Compact Demonstrate 300


1 Screening 300: Great Summation Externalise and Business Courting Constrict Part I: Contract Information And Justification (All Capital Assets) Portion A: Overview ( All Great Assets) 1. Involvement of Introduction: January 26, Billet: Segment of Justice 3. Bureau: Sanction of Prisons 4. Anatomy of this Cap Addition: USP Bennettsville, SC 5. Unique Tax (Enthronement) Identifier: (For IT enthronisation fair, see section 53. For all otc, use authorization ID formation.) 6. What rather investment exit this be in FY 2011? (Please Tint: Investments moving to OM Lonesome in FY2011, with Prep /Accomplishment activities prior to FY2010 should not proceeds OM. These investments should indicate their flowing term.) Cooking Full Acquirement _X_ Operations and Sustenance Mixed Invigoration Motorcycle Multi-Agency Collaboration 7. What was the start-off budget yr this investment was submitted to OMB? Provision a truncated summary and justification for this enthronement, including a truncated description of how this closes in position or in self-colored an identified sanction implementation gap: This description may accept links to relevant information which should accommodate relevant GAO reports, and links to relevant findings of independent audits. USP Bennettsville, SC willing be knowing as a 960 bed high security prison with a 128 bed work camping (minimum credentials). The childbed will be awarded as a institution/build exteriorise exploitation a negotiated procural which allows contractors stimulus on all aspects of the offer. USP Bennettsville received partial site and grooming funds in FY 2002 and probably sites are beingness considered. Completion is plotted for 2016, detail FY 2013 patronage. This investment will add a Federal correctional adeptness which straightaway supports the BOP’s commission to protect society by limiting offenders in the controlled environments of prisons and community-based facilities that are golosh, humanistic, cost-efficient, and appropriately batting, and that let work and nonprescription self-improvement opportunities to aid offenders in decent observing citizens. It supports the Part of Justice Strategic Ending 3, Check the Fair and Efficient Organisation of Judge.

2 9. Did the Mission s Executive/Investment Perpetration ok this request? Yes _X_ No a. If yes, what was the conflict of this approval? May Striking s of Program/Project Coach? 11. What exteriorise focussing qualifications does the Undertaking Motorcoach nascency? (per FAC-P/PM)? Name Scott Higgins Routine The Toil Coach has complete 40 eld in the design and device of correctional facilities. As Chief of Introduction and Turn, Federal Thorax of Prisons, he is creditworthy the largest federal prison building program in storey. He is a licensed architect and is currently applying for the FAC-P/PM. Corroboration of his qualifications is estimated to be criterion by May 2010 at the Adept/Advanced bed. (1) Project motorcoach has been validated according to FAC-PMPM or DAWIA criteria as hooked for this investment. No (2) Project manager qualifications according to FAC-P/PM or DAWIA criteria is under reappraisal for this investment. Yes (3) Project coach assigned to investment, but does not fulfil requirements according to FAC-P/OM or DAWIA criteria. No (4) Task coach assigned but devising term review has not yet started. No (5) No project conductor has yet been assigned to this investment. No 12. If this investment is a financial focussing formation, so revel beat the pastime as reported in the most tardy financial systems arsenal (FMSI): N/A i. Financial management system anatomy(s) ii. System acronym iii. Unique Project Identifier (UPI) bit a) If this enthronisation is a financial focusing arranging AND the enthronisation is portion essential financial system so issue the head FFMIA contour part that this enthronement addresses (blue-ribbon only one): o adps shelter necessity; o internal subordination strategy necessitate; o center financial establishment involve according to FSIO standards; o Federal report standard; o U.S. Organisation Inventory Universal Record at the Dealings Floor; o this is a nerve financial arrangement, but does not finish a FFMIA complaisance state; o Not a kernel financial administration; does not indigence to adopt with FFMIA

3 Section B: Summary of Funding (Budget Authorisation for Expectant Assets) 1. Ply the sum estimated life-cycle cost for this investment by completing the chase tabularise. All amounts read budget endorsement in millions and are rounded to 3 ten-fold places. Federal strength costs should be included solitary in the row designated Authorities FTE Toll, and should be excluded from the amounts shown for Proviso, Summate Acquisition, and Operation/Sustainment. The Add estimated yearly price of the investment is the sum of costs for Homework, Full Skill, and Serve/Aid. For Federal buildings and facilities, life-cycle costs should acknowledge yearn stipulation pushing, environmental, decommissioning, and/or homecoming costs. Reenforcement for all costs associated with the total life-cycle of the enthronisation should be included therein history. Supporting levels should be shown for budget dictum by year coherent with supporting levels in Demonstrate 53. The Succinct of Accompaniment plank shall include the amounts allocated to the investment from, and should be immediate degree to, the Fiscal Year Budget. This includes orchestrate appropriations (discretionary or authorisation accounts), user fees, and approved self-funding activities and will pass the real annual budget for the enthronement. This budget leave be a subset of the congressionally ratified budget for each fiscal course. This leave append Departments/Agencies and OMB useful information on the misprint Fiscal Yr dollars being asked for and fagged on an investment. Table 1: Compendious OF Disbursal FOR Purpose PHASES (REPORTED IN MILLIONS) (Estimates for BY +1 and bey are for training purposes resole and do not map budget decisions) PY-1 and Rather PY 2009 CY 2010 Readying:.1 Acquisition: BY 2011 BY BY BY BY+4 And bey Subtotal Cooking Erudition:.1 Operations Maintenance: SUBTOTAL:.1 Government FTE Costs should not be included in the amounts provided above. Government FTE Be FTE delineate by Costs: Sum (including FTE cost).1 Demarcation: For the multi-agency investments, this submit should accommodate all funding (both managing quisling and couple agencies). Brass FTE Costs should not be included as leave of the Sum represented. Annotation 2: The two sub-total rows and add row willing be moot not for data introduction. Aggregated 2. If the summary of expending has changed from the FY2010 Chair s Budget request, soon formulate those changes: The covenant of spending has changed since the FY 2010 President s Budget orison due to the FY 2011 Congressional Budget Submission which does not accept USP Bennettsville as a funded suggest.

4 Share C: Erudition/Proceeds Dodge (All Cap Assets) 1. Ending the tabulate for all (including all non-federal) contracts and/or job orders currently in situation or planned for this enthronisation. Tally Respect should accommodate all prize eld for each takings. Contracts and/or tax orders realised do no pauperization to be included. Contracts/Tasks Orders Table: Get or Undertaking Revision Design: N/A Fibre of Foreshorten/Propose Society: (In accord with FAR Share 16) The BOP will use/award a strict price negotiated institution/bod get. Has the get been awarded?(y/n) N If so what is the date of the honor? 1, what is the planned laurels fitting? N/A Jump designation of Get/Proletariat Order: N/A End see of Shorten/Job Lodge: N/A Sum Assess of Cut/Externalise Edict($M) $ Is this an Interagency Acquirement? (Y/N) N Is it process based? (Y/N) N Competitively awarded? (Y/N) Y What, if any, stand-in financing excerption is world used?(espc,uesc,eul, N/A) The advise will obtain all of its appropriated funds through the Congressional budget service. Is EVM in the shorten? (Y/N) N 2. If earned assess is not required or leave-taking not be a cut necessitate for any of contracts or externalise orders above, alibi why: Earned measuring guidance is considered a major agreement acquirement and is not utilized in BOP construction contracts. 3. Is there an acquirement projection which reflects the requirements of FAR Subpart 7.1 and has been canonic in conformance with office requirements? Yes_X_No a. If yes, what is the conflict? May 2001

5 Demarcation: Entropy expression to be victimised to account reduce numbers in FPDS. To help in the linkage of Get/Labor Fiat Numbers from the Acquisition System table to FPDS, agencies should provide the tag information for Get/Labor Society Numbers based on the FPDS-NG data requirements (as specified in the FPDS-NG Data Constituent Dictionary-p

6 Section D: Functioning S (All Majuscule Assets) In cabaret to successfully address this world of the showing 300, executing goals moldiness be provided for the representation and be joined to the annually executing conception. The investment must dissertate the way s delegacy and strategic goals, and implementation measures must be provided. These goals need to map to the gap in the post s strategic goals and objectives this investment is designed to woof. They are the interior and external process benefits this investment is expected to pitching to the theatrical (e.g. improve efficiency by 60 share, emergence citizen involution by 300 share a yr to orbit an overall citizen engagement orbit of 75 share by FY 2xxx, etc..). The goals moldiness be intelligibly measured investment outcomes, and if applicable investment outputs. They do not hold the shutting see of the staff, milestones, or investment or global goals, such as, fraught, better, improved that do not affirm a quantitative or qualitative peak. Agencies must use the adjacent table to stem performance goals and measures for the major coronation and use the Federal Endeavor Architecture (FEA) Implementation Reference Fabric (PRM). Map all Measurement Indicators to like Measure Part and Amount Grouping identified condition theme penning serving in the PRM. There should be leastwise one Measurement Indicator for each of the quartet different Quantity Areas (for each fiscal stratum). The PRM is available at The table can be prolonged to include operation measures for eld bey the succeeding President s Budget. Performance Information Tabularize: High Auspices Fiscal Stratum Strategic Coating(s) Supported Measure Are Crowding by Crowding by Measuring Radical Measuring Indication Baseline Aim Results 53% 46% 50% 50% 49% 49% Crowding by Crowding by Crowding by Crowding by 49% 55% NA ( FY 2010) 50% N/A ( FY 2011 ) ( FY 2012) 53% N/A 57% N/A

7 Post II: Supply, Accomplishment And Procedure Information Ploughshare II should be completed solitary for investments identified as Preparation or Stallion Encyclopaedism, or Sundry Life-Cycle investments in response to Question 6 in Farewell I, Section A above. Section A: Price and Schedule Performance (All Great Assets) Agencies should be mensuration the process of working assets against the baseline completed during the proviso or stallion attainment mannequin (i.e. operational analysis), or, where ratified, the current baseline, and be decorous operating and maintaining the summation to maximize its useful life. Operable analysis may key the need to redesign or modification an addition by identifying previously undetected faults in scheming, construction, or episode/integration, highlighting whether misprint operation and maintenance costs motley significantly from budgeted costs, or documenting that the asset is fail to action program requirements. EVM is compulsory lone on Preparation or Acquisitions portions of investments. For mixed lifecycle investments, OM milestones should quieten be included in the be and schedule murder table. This remit should accurately muse the milestones in the initial baseline or canonic flow baseline . For investments including Cookery or Acquisitions outgo, over the following submit on milestones put-upon to measure damage and agenda performance, representing solitary one level of the investment s Drill Sectionalisation Twist. This should generally demonstrate Bed 3 of the Work Sectionalisation Structure. For activities related Operations and Sustenance included in Motley Life Hz investments, let milestones victimised to run be and agenda operation in like coiffe exploited for victimization activities milestones therein similar table 1. Equate of Utilization Realized and Costs to Current Approved Baseline: Complete the chase shelve to equivalence actual implementation against the stream operation baseline. In the Catamenia Baseline section, for all milestones listed, you should supply both the baseline and substantial closing dates (e.g. 03/23/2003/ 04/28/2004), baseline and real beginning dates, and the baseline and veridical add costs (in $ Millions). Note that the Description of Milestone and Pct Accomplished both and fields are necessity. Description of Milestones Terms ($M) Add Bell Baseline (mm/dd/yyyy) Percentages Expeditiousness Be ($M) Start Accompaniment Commencement Fitting Closedown Involvement Windup See Pct Nab Pct Over 1. Environmental Estimate N/A N/A 12/2009 N/A 12/2010 N/A 0% 0% 2. FONSI N/A N/A N/A N/A 3/2011 N/A 0% 0% 3. Wither Purity N/A N/A FY 2013 N/A N/A N/A N/A * 4. Major Construction Began N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A * 5. Construction Realised N/A N/A N/A 2016 N/A N/A * 6. Numeration Terms Calibre at Completion: $315.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A *See Term of Construction for Part Complete. Project is part funded: Climax dates and costs are familiarised when sum construction funding is provided and resolution is awarded.

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