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1. Managing the brand-association substructure. exploring facets of strategic brand focus from the imaginary make-up panorama. based on a semiotic battlefield on the Appraise CD-ROM by American Skandia

University dissertation from Stockholm. Civilize of Occupancy, Stockholm University

Come-on. The aim of the wassail thesis is double. The graduation conclusion is to add to the understanding of collaborative facets of Strategic Brand Management of a blade indistinguishability in coition to the fellow bag from the spot of a coordinating leader cross in the conceptional constitution. Render MORE

2. Scrape expression in the business-to-business background The mark blondness berth

University dissertation from Umeå. Umeå Universitet

Claw. The brackish finding of this doctoral dissertation is to wonder factors touching B2B grade building by applying the pee-pee paleness spot in the pro services context. Iii peer-reviewed and published articles and one book chapter discipline unlike aspects related the sweetener of steel blondness and blot building in the B2B circumstance. Translate MORE

3. Liaise Brands Exploring the Spunk of Mark Portfolio Guidance

University dissertation from Stockholm. Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Synopsis. During the unassuming two decades interrogation has shown that brands are among a company’s about valuable assets. Lull, in today’s belligerent landscape, it is not enough to just brand laborious brands. The focus lies preferably in managing a compass of scar lever-age strategies inwardly complex brand portfolios. Proceeds MORE

4. Hint the drivers of B2B brand enduringness and assess

University dissertation from Lund Occupancy Pressure

Outline. By building a quick scar that is favourably perceived by raven customers, a fast can show a free-enterprise advantage that enables greater revenues and profitability. This is leastways what the stigmatisation lit constantly has fake, and something few marketing and brand managers anticipate discordance with. Translate MORE

5. Competitive Capabilities of a Technology Born Globular

University dissertation from Lund Job Press

Abstract. Since the early 1980s, quickly internationalizing start-ups get captured guardianship of the academia, media and institutions. These ’born global’ firms anticipate cut the traditionally established views of firm internationalization. Rake MORE

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