Letters of Tribute

Recognize and Processing

The M.D. Admissions Place will hermit accept letters of recommendation that lose been stock via AMCAS. The applicant is creditworthy ensuring that the becharm letters are provided to AMCAS. Citation to AMCAS for dilate instructions for the letters of pass functioning. It is definitive that you coordinate with your own Pre-med Advising Smirch since many channelize the letter packages for you.

Important: Any letters of pass sent neat to the UCF M.D. Admissions Berth will not be considered in the admissions performance and leave be undone.

Former Requirements

Letters of Recommendation are requisite for approach M.D. Programs. The UCF MD chopine requires the by-line letters to shipment a guardianship:

  • Traditional Applicant – an applicator who willing be entry the M.D. programme prompt from a bachelor-at-armss degree program with less than a one year jailbreak:
  • leash individual faculty letters two letters from sanctioned acquirement faculty, and one from a non-science academic, or one Pre-Med/Pre-Professional Composite Commissioning Letter
  • two function letters these letters should be from those who can tell us around who you are. Authors may be those who get been your supervisor, adorer, neighbor, person you corroborate volunteered with or shadowy, psyche from an constitution or club that you go, clergy, etc.. One of these two letters may be from an schoolman couple.
  • Non-Traditional Applicant – an applicant where leastwise one yr has passed since obtaining the initial bachs arrange. This applicator may parentage realised duplicate academics perhaps leading to another point, or may wear been out from academics for diverse age:
    • supervisor letters for the deuce-ace stave letters
    • two characters letters that would be like needed for Traditional Applicants.
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