Arsenal V Birmingham – Carling Cup Final

It was a tough old game this one…..lot’s of thrills and spills. Birmingham 1 up then a Van Persie wonder strike. Everything in the balance. Then panic sets in.
Hard to see at 79 minutes what the score might be but the back line has never been full proof. Too young? Too cocky? Maybe too much Wenger ‘belief’!
When I saw that moment happen it was like it was in slow motion. The look on Jack Wilshire’s face said it all!
Mis-communication between keeper and centre back show’s that Arsenal have not made the progress at the back that many might have been hoping, and it takes a slip up like that at an important event to show that Arsenal still have a long way to go. Plus it takes big matches to show this weakness! Who was talking to who? Where’s the trust and respect on who calls what?
Koscielny has never been comfortable at Arsenal. Too many yellow cards and afew reds show that he’s not up for the task. He’s too slow and too clumsy.
Unfortunately, Arsenal were really missing that Fab linkage and the Walcott speed.
Many fans have gone against Rosicky but Rosicky has some big shoes to fill. Yeah he’s not at his best and it showed today unfortunately – but Wenger must still see something there!…But for how long?
The mistake at the end just showed how unbalanced the back line can be at crucial moments. And it’s cost Arsenal!
It takes a big team to overcome a disappointment like this…..I’m just not sure if the players have it in them.
In the past an injury to a fellow player, sends them into a downward spiral…(Edwardo and Ramsey incidents both effected the team………) what will this game do?
Let’s hope that the players and managment can help each other to overcome this disappointment. Birmingham took their chances and the last one counted! It’s extremely polished aesthetically, but if you want to really use it, you have to be okay with it being your sole rss platform