New Zealand V Slovakia – World Cup 2010

Just when it was nearly lost New Zealand nods home the equaliser in the dying seconds of a match dominated by the Slovacs.
In the pub i was in it was hearts on sleeves as the Kiwi’s pressed but got zero. Poor passing and bad runs made the Kiwi’s look like the bookies worse nightmares. Then in the last few seconds of the match a cross by Smelts and header from Reid sealed a hard fought draw against all odds. (The bar erupted!!) high 5’s and 10’s all round with hugs of delight – “it was like we’d won the world cup” this maybe our only point for now but it feels like everything. Well done to the lads for their gutsy performance! Beim hochdruck schneidet man die nicht zu druckenden fl├Ąchen aus dem druckstock heraus