New Zealand All Whites V The World Cup

I must admit as a Kiwi – The All Whites are doing ‘All-rite.’ We don’t expect them to win the cup. We are not a football nation but we can have the passion. Many Brits move over here to get away from the Football culture that is England. Next thing they find themselves in the middle of a delayed football nation. And why not – if anyone was going to back an underdog in football – it would be New Zealand. Afew years ago Denmark did just that….a 3rd rate team made of ‘nothing to mentions’…..won the European Cup. New Zealand could do the same and the nation is thrilled by it. Thankfully rugby is 2nd if not 3rd place. Unfortunatley the local newspaper ‘The new zealand herald’ refuses to move into the 21st century and continues to call football….soccer (that’s because they still live in the American 19th century) many readers don’t like it and I will never buy their paper again.
The New Zealand herald has no balls.
As for the world cup, lets hope it plays out a great tournament with too many goals, lotsa drama, brilliant skill and makes up for my late nights in front of the TV……sorry to the wife. With these new versions, apple has dramatically enhanced the check out this blog design