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Arsenal Arsenal……..Arse….nil v Manchester City

It was a great season while it lasted. This match against manchester city was a joke. Nil all – the two sides cancelled each other out. Let’s hope that it’s not the look of the Premireship future. Wenger should still stay with Aresnal – but will his players? Let’s hope so. As for after the […]

Liverpool beat Westham? You are joking….

Liverpool should beat West Ham by more than 3 – 0. Liverpool have been absolutely terrible this season. Even from a Gunners fan point of view – this season has been awful! I don’t know what’s been going on in the dressing room but whatever has happened has taken the team apart. The squad looks […]

Arsenal v Spurs – Bendtner could cost Wenger his job

The vocal crowd at WHL definately helped Spurs beat Arsenal. The Arsenal players had no answers and just kicked the ball around the outside of the box – there was hardly anyone in the box for the crosses – Bendtner spent alot of his time on the wing and Diaby just didn’t seem interested. Rosicky […]

Barca v Arsenal

Well……it was a game of two halfs and one team. Everything Barca had planned was around Messi and he delivered with astounding brilliance. Arsenal were second best…..maybe third at times. But that just means we have something to really aim for/at! The commentators on ESPN were very nice to say “Lovely to watch – Barca […]

Raymond Domenech – the French football coach

Raymond Domenech – the French football coach is an idiot accusing Wenger of playing Gallas too early: “It’s outrageous and irresponsible to have played so early after the injury,” Domenech was quoted as saying by British media after learning that Gallas would be out for five weeks. “He’d better be fit for the World Cup.” […]

Arse-nal v Wolves

That was pathetic football! That was the most useless game of football I’ve seen for some time. I don’t know why I bother sometimes. Title winners – get f*****d! that was terrible trymobilespy.com