Arensal v Burnley

Great match – but they made it hard work.
Bendtner?? What’s going on there??
the kid just can’t score – won’t score – will never score.
Bendtner – whatever however his name is spelt has not got the ability to score. This should have been easier.
Bendtner = Useless!!
Great passer great foot work – ok short passes – good build up play – but not a goal striker! it’s not in him.
Why is Wenger hanging on to him?
Silly and stupid!
Wenger don’t play him as a lone striker – he lives in mid field or as a ‘assistant’ NOTHING MORE! Get a goal scorer!!
I’ve been waiting 3 years to be proven wrong with this kid and really makes me angry!
Time to go!
Or else we humans don’t really change our basic natures as much writing numbers in papers as we’d all like to think