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Arsenal FC – Top of the league

Arsenal top of the league…..Who would have thought!!?? Wow what a match against Bolton…..30 minutes in the first half and we were 2 nil down. Bolton played very well. I still can’t beleive they are near the bottom. If you are a Bolton fan – you must be wondering why the hell you are 2nd […]

Come On Gunners

Come On Gunners! Get it together! Not a strong side but it could be enough. Hang in there!! In going here 2004, only florida and ohio used 3rd grade reading as a gatekeeper to promotion

Senderos should fight

Personelly – I like Senderos. But recently he’s been soft. Senderos you have to fight for your place in the Gunners. It’s a high profule club with high profile players. Just becoz you were at AC Milan doesn’t mean you quilifiy for the EPL. You were fantasic and a hard man – but now you […]