Arsenal v Chelsea and Man City Matches – Wenger Wake UP

The Chelsea match had the makings of a classic. And it was. Chelsea had full strength and we had no strength and it showed. Arsenal had no strength up front but hoping for a lightning strike of brilliance from inexprienced players. Van Persie is missed and will be missed for up to 5 months away from world football. (This may include the world cup..) Arsenal title hopes?? Not much…..Alot depends on others. If Arsenal sign a striker then he has to be tall, tough, fit, super fast, experianced, mid 20’s and desperate to make his mark! who fits that under the minimum wage? A Russian? A Yank? A Canadian? Maybe a hidden unknown from Falkland Island or New Zealand? What ever he does – he better make it fast because plan B has just run out and ‘plan C’ hasn’t even been written yet- Mr Wenger – The ‘I beleive’ bullshit you keep talking about has ‘just left the building’
I agree – you did throw away the Carling Cup but please have some pride.
If you are going for the F.A Cup you might just get that
Try and remember who is paying you and the boards members wages (not that you’d care)
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