Van Persie with Arsenal

5 months off from the your football career must be a kick in the head for Robin Van Persie and Arsenal. That’s Robin’s life isn’t it? Nearly perfect but not quite.
I feel very gutted for him, I feel sorry for the his hopes and dreams but every season this happens. Arsenal needs to invest in another decent striker. Someone who is fast, cheeky and holds no care for himself. Someone who will just be tough and take on anyone who dares to get in their way. Who is that??
Not sure yet………… But come January….Arsenal need to spend cash on a real ‘blood hound!’ Someone that scores goals, someone that that is hungry. None of the current squad has that hunger. Vela = fast, Edwardo passion but no-one has hunger.
Mr V – it’s time to splash out!!
Robin VanPersie….if you ever read this…… Alle beste maatje. Tot de volgende keer. You are awsome!