New Zealand All Whites World Cup Spot

What a match! It had everything (except a streaker). Drama, acting, fouls, bad ref calls and tension!
They finally made it and well deserved too I must admit.
The match was a game of ups and downs, attacks and defence, strong tackles and near misses a plenty.
Thankfully the whistle blew when it did!
The first half was fast the 2nd half was so slow i nearly forgot what i was watching!
The pub i was in wasn’t full BUT it had the passion. The All Whites Did Well!
What now for the team??
Re-group later, concerntrate on not getting thrashed 5 goals or more.
Now when they go to the World Cup – they are up against the best, the champs the real deal, the pace, the speed, the control, the skill of real players.
This is the honeymoon, this is the best moment, lets enjoy it, lets love it but………next year in South Africa is reality time.
It’s crunch time, it’s real football as much as our players will ever meet.
When you are up against the likes of Fabregas, Torres, Drogba, Ballack, Lampard, Van Persie you will meet your maker.
I really happy for the All Whites but I’m afraid to see the matches in South Africa wher we may be left 4th best.
BUT – Well done boys – Very well done!
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