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Wenger -retiring? yeah right!

Mr Wenger has no reason to retire and he has nothing for the press to think otherwise. Good on him! Insert the changes you have in mind and watch this save the changes

Adebayor – a very very silly BOY

Adebayor really should have known better than to dis-respect his old fans. Many times you see players who score against their old team not celebrate big time but be humble. Adebayor really did a very unrespectful celebration and deserves a capital punishment. In years to come he will be dis-respected from a number of teams […]

Arsenal V Man City

Not your normal game. But it was never going to be that really. Ego verses ego’s. Money verses old school. Teacher verses student…….and who won???………….the student! Well and truely! Let’s have another look at the rules…………….. hhmmmmm City have the short term profit – the old boys need to adjust…..rather quickly! Sorry where did last […]