Now Toure has gone – The rest of the season……

Now Toure has gone………. what is going on at Arsenal?
I’ve always like Toure…he’s a strong defender that plays with his heart on his…boot, Solid – Dependable – Dedicated!
Like many Arsenal faithful we don’t feel confident about what’s happening at our club. Wenger is gambling not only on OUR money, faith, belief and passion.
Come Christmas 2009 and his side is not producing results – his gamble could be very wrong – could be very painful for him and the club!
We could be talking a club collapse!
Whatever his plans are…..he should really tell us! Again…… and again and one more time! Again!
Now that, apparently, there’s no more ‘leadership’ Wenger needs to UP the PR. And up it now… I’m sure he feels the pressure of the fans etc but can he let us know what the f*** he is on about??
Because I tell you what….. I’m NOT WANTING TO WATCH THIS SEASON anymore!
I’ve lost interest – I’ve lost the passion.
Not one of them players actually play football for the love of it.
They only play because they get paid more than all the rest of us will ever get paid.
Seeing a photo with Adebayor with Nelson Mendela in South Africa – Ade is a sell out! Ade is a wank! It’s amazing how he can go from Red to Blue…..obviously he’s never been about real commitment and it shows in the way he smiles.
Never trust the guy – he’s full of it! You can see it in his eye’s.
Always out for himself and no one else – a very very bad person!
This season could be ‘The change of the guard’
I think it’ll be
Man U (Starting off slowly – like very season)
Liverpool – (hiss and a roar)
Everton (Coming into it’s own)
Chelsea (injury plagued) v Arsenal (fighting out for 4th/5th with Villa and Spurs)
Then Fulham and Wigan fighting out the other European spots.
Man City?? Starting good then fading off into thre usual 10th place. Once they lose confidence…..they free fall!
Everybody now……..
City….what a pity! The education department posts audio and video write essay excerpts from ms