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It’s about time – Arsenal – v – Pompy. Football Prem League.

Great result against Pompy. Diaby (one of my favourite players) finally got his just deserts. plus Edwardo also got some very impressive confidence under his belt. Well done lads. BUT against the BIG 6 – United, Chelsmear, Livered-pool, Villaa, Ful-of-ham, Man Sit…ee, we need to make sure that we remain injury-less and we keep our […]

Everton v Arsenal – Bendtner out wide…………

Prue…genius. Having Bendtner as a winger is what confused Everton. What is some tall guy doing on the wing? Even the commentators were bemused by the fact. Me too but to tell you the truth…..he suits the outside! His footwork – his speed suited the game suited his style. The kid can’t score goals….BUT HE […]

Now Toure has gone – The rest of the season……

Now Toure has gone………. what is going on at Arsenal? I’ve always like Toure…he’s a strong defender that plays with his heart on his…boot, Solid – Dependable – Dedicated! Like many Arsenal faithful we don’t feel confident about what’s happening at our club. Wenger is gambling not only on OUR money, faith, belief and passion. […]

Bobby Robson – RIP

Very sorry to hear the loss of Bobby. To the family and close friends – I feel your grief!! Very hard to put into words. Harris, how old english essay writing do you believe the earth is about 10,000 years old or several billion