Let Gallas Stay or should he go?………

He maybe a complete p***k but he’s really solid. Or is he??
He’s a French w*****r but he’s part of a very strong team. Really??
Unfortunately he thinks he’s better than the rest of Arsenal….let’s keep Gallas because he thinks he is a strong force……….but if he f***s up he will not be sell-able.
No one will want to buy him Why would he want to jepordise his future? Let’s kep him – just for the hell of it.
William Gallas…..what are you trying to prove?
Or… are you going to lie like the French rugby player recently in New Zealand……. what a shame The problem for write essay service cross-sectional analyses is that if you have a characteristic you want to measure, it tends to be correlated with a thousand other things, he said