New Zealand Football – it’s a joke

It’s amazing that New Zealand football are jumping up and down about getting their first FIFA point. yay – oh how incredible is that….our first point ever in a fifa match. Wipp-de-dooo!

New Zealand football is full of political instrumented players!

The only players that get into the New Zealand team are players that are known by the directors of New Zealand football.
These f-wits make sure that only the ‘footballers of New Zealand’ get in our team.
Apparently they represent New Zealand – no they don’t! they represent wankers that are in football for themselves!
In NZ at the moment we’ve got a huge amount of Asian, South American and European imigrants. Alot of them very keen footballers and very good and young – 22+. And New Zealand Football are missing every single one of them! Why?? Because they don’t give a rats arse! New Zealand Football want money they don’t want to make a difference!
Ricky Herbert lives in 1982! Look at the football New Zealand is playing!! Crap!
None of the players on the pitch makes the runs, no one moves forward! They pass and wait or they pass and look – waiting for someone else to move. Ricky Herbert is a joke! The New Zealand team the All Whites are a joke.
And….look at that team! Slow……tall…….unfit…..and old. New Zealand looked like crap! We were lucky against the Italians then they brought on the big boys and ,,,,,we were shit! The Spainish felt sorry and kept it to 5 – 0! South Africans are about as bad as a English 2nd division team. As for Iraq?? They saw NZ a walk over and played that way.
New Zealand football needs to change – New Zealand football needs a clean out.
New Zealand want go to the world cup next year at present…..they need to start playin football NOT soccer! New Zealand footbal is a joke….. a very……..bad……joke!!!

You can tell that New Zealand football never want to acheive anything but…….NOTHING!
What a shame that such a beautiful game will never come to New Zealand because of these narrow minded self centred idiots.
Change is what’s needed but change won’t happen soon enough… fustrating for all Kiwi’s.

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