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New Zealand Football – it’s a joke

It’s amazing that New Zealand football are jumping up and down about getting their first FIFA point. yay – oh how incredible is that….our first point ever in a fifa match. Wipp-de-dooo! New Zealand football is full of political instrumented players! The only players that get into the New Zealand team are players that are […]

kiwi’s v Spain

Nice one to The All Whites against Italy. You did well boys. No one thought 1 let alone 3. You did us all very proud. Next up Spain……i’ve got alot of pride for NZ but not alot of faith. Spain are quick, short and fit. Kiwi’s are tall, tired and under paid. But I will […]

Ronaldo off to MAD-RID

That’s stupid money! So who’s playin football now? Not the players! The shame about this is in 5 years time – this amount of cash may seem nothing. There will be more of the same soon….but for now it’s out of the supporters hands Tec-logo wurde ├╝berarbeitet der claim wir machen bildung hausarbeit beispiele digital […]

Arsenal are staying very very quite….sshhhh

There’s alot of money being throwin around in the last few days…City buying Barry and Real looking at Kaka…. not much from the Gunners camp…..yet It occasionally pops https://besttrackingapps.com/spy-android/ mocking banners on the screen to let you know that you were pwned or needed more pew-pew’ bullets and has a visual style that’s similar to […]