Arsenal – Last match of the season. Well Done Lads.

The Gunners – Good to see the team were relaxed and enjoying themselves. It was the last game for Arsenal until the warm up matches and the Emirates Cup later this year.

I’ll still very happy to see Wenger remain as manager even tho some of his decisions have been questionable. The FA Cup handling has to be the big one as well as keeping Bendtner as a so called striker when he is clearly a passer – NOT a striker! Chuck him in as a mid fielder……….. or something.
What do the team need to become 3rd or even 2nd next season?….. Keep the manager and staff. Then….. a  hard man full back, tall, strong but a clean player….another two Toure’s, two strong holding mid fielders to help Cese control the balance of play and someone to score goals. Adebayor is slowly getting the guts, Van Persie has the flair, Vela has the beans……and that’s about it. Arsenal need someone to take them to the next level, the next scoring power machine, the next attitude. At the moment….they don’t have that confidence to really score. They need a trick-ster goal scorer. Some one who can do something out of nothing!
Who would you pick?
Watching Arsenal against Stoke City didn’t convince me that this is a team to win trophies……not next season…….not even the one after……but they will finish in the top 5.
United have the drive, belief, passion and the skill to beat whoever is in their path…..Arsenal don’t. Arsenal have the drive and the ability to maybe win….if it’s going their way, if the other team is having a day or moment off………they don’t seem to have a plan B. Arsenal fall apart, Arsenal fial to communicate with each other. Maybe that’s what Arsenal should work on next season…..Plan B….and Plan C, D, E and F.
Because with The Premiership…………. you have you play 95 minutes to win not 90.
This week????……………… Go Barca Go Barca… then Everton Everton Everton. Hhhmmm lets hope the football is flowing and entertaining – it’s the wonderful game in front of the entire world! order new information