Arsenal v United

I must admit – like many others i was NOT looking forward to this match.
BUT the boys were there and the boys were there to play footy.
It must have been hard for them to play in front of such a crowd knowing that no one really beleived that they would win against such a strong side that is United.
BUT The Gunners actaully played a very good game – they tested United, they forced United and they nearly stole the party at the last minute(s).
Unfortunately, many fo the runs made by the Gunner players were not being made at the right time or many of the runs were not being noticed by the man on the ball. That’s what let us down the most.
We nearly had them but, again, not quite.
I’m still not convinced Fabregas is the right person to be the captain of Arsenal.
He does set things up and he is the play maker BUT when his head goes down, too quickly, the entire team quickly follows suit…too quickly. Arshavin….language barrier, Toure could be a goody? William Gallas is more of a fighter. I’ve carefully watched him and he stirs up the team. Yes afew of the team don’t like him because he is big headed or arogant BUT that’s what you have to do to get the job done. Bring him back and we’ll see better results next season.
As for this season…….4th is better than 5th or 6th or 7th or 8th. Give Arsene and the team the credit – this season has been tough, rough and down right fucking hard!!!!!!
I couldn’t do it and neither could you!
Wenger and the team did quite well. Now they need to learn from what happened this season and apply it to the next season and beyond. I can’t see them improving much, position wise, next season yet. (we’ll be 4th again)  Much of the same to be honest, but the one after that will be the clincher – the year where his job, his reputation his credit will really be on the line and then, and only then, at the very last minute will Wenger’s vision be realised. Why?
The Premier League may start to faulter.
The big players will be wanting too much money for doing fuck all!
Fans start being disappointed. United will decline, Chelsea will be bankrupt, Liverpool will be forever the working dog (no disrespect) and all the other clubs (Aston V, Everton, Fulham) might just get a chance…..maybe! Spanish Football gets the nood.
Oh sorry…… was that a dream or just me?
This season has been the down to the wire and that’s we all wanted. And it’s been great.
It’s a shame to see Liverpool not come out with anything….but it’ll make them stronger(?)
Maybe they’ve run out of steam!

I’m just happy Chelsea haven’t won the major titles. (So far)
They could win the FA and that’s all they are worth!

As for Man City next season….it relise on the oil prices! When you go from a self-selected to a tested population, you’re likely adding less academically able students, said paul weeks, the company’s senior vice president for client services