Arsenal = Another Year of NO SILVERWARE

One thing really showed during the last gasp chance to win silverware against Man U the other day. Strength! The strength Man U have compared to The Gunners is obvious. It’s huge, it’s unbeatable. (at this stage)
The Gunners are talented but shallow. They didn’t have a plan B during the match – and they were rattled.

I had a mate that went to the match and after the 3rd goal was scored he left. I turned the tele off and some kid in Africa hung himself……the latter is just plain stupid…..ooooh i wonder how many Chelsea fans hung themselves…..we can only hope!!

As for the remaining matches? Damage control!
Will I watch them? Maybe.
Interest…very little, but it’ll be interesting to see if Liverpool make ground against United.
Arsenal is the key to that….IF the Gunners win against Man U, Liverpool have a chance.

Watch this space…..or watch the highlights….

Oh…..The Champions League………….Barca…… outside chance indeed! Leadership gap seen in post-nclb changes in read my essay to me online u