FA Cup Semi – Wenger Mistakes

I’ve seen alot of FA Cup matches – but this one stunk of a manager who for some reason forgot what he was doing. ‘The pitch is laughable’ seems to be his excuse!
Wenger you are running out of reasons mate.
The reason why Arsenal lost was that the team on the field was the wrong team!
Where was Nasri?? Where was Arshavin?
Why did you bring them on so late. You idiot!!!
You threw the match!
What was Denilson doing on there?? Now we’ve got no chance of winning any silverware.
Champions League??…. you’ve got to be joking! Sorry but it’s gone…….
Now Wenger decided to blame the pitch at Wembley and then go on to say Song was not included because he was tired! Song is NOT that great and would have NOT made a difference!
Blaming the pitch for your own decision failures stinks of ‘your time is nearly up’ mate. You have to be joking! Blaming the pitch is a cop out! You don’t hear Chelsea blaming the f****** pitch do ya Wenger??
I can see Hiddink at the press conference – ‘we won because the pitch wasn’t what Wenger wanted, we only won 2 – 1 because the pitch was laughable…. let’s all laugh about it’ I can see all the Chelsea fans really agreeing with it.
Think about it Wenger! Boooooooooring!
Why did you sub Adebayor for Bendtner? What were you thinking??
If you would of had both of those tall guys up front you could of had something!
Dissappointed? Obvious really

Am I going to buy another Arsenal shirt in the next 5 years??? Very very doubtful. maybe I’ll blame the pitch for not buying a shirt…….yeah that seems like a really good idea!
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