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Great result for the Gunners……. like alot of teams out there at the moment injuries are hitting the results big time. Reserves are called in, hero’s asked to do the unthinkable, pain killers given without a thought.
These are desperate times of the Premierleague and thankfully so.
Just 4 weeks ago Man U had the title in the bag, Arsenal were no longer European contenders, Liverpool were slipping and Chelsea had manager/dressing room problems.
NOW??….. Man U looking vunerable, Liverpool looking winnerable, Chelsea building confidence and Arsenal back on track……sorry and full credit to Villa!
Season finished??? far from it, hopefully this drama will last until the last second!! Why???
Because we love the drama! We love the excitement!

Why else? Because if United had won it by now the TV ratings for the premierleague would have dropped!

It’s all about the money – our money!
es we see the stars, watch them move, carry on the drama, but you must admit, if United had won it…….you would have turned your TV off already.
Now…….. it’s open….

What will happen next……………… At the moment, sequence only has a level mode, where players must progress through the game one stage at a time