Arsenal v Blackburn

Nice to see the team smiling.
Arshavin scored a goal!! Eboue scored too – even tho it felt more like an ego thing to get the penalty kick.
Arshavin is going from strength the strength. I can really see why Wenger went for him. Wow is the word.
Can you imagine…… Walcott, Fabregas, Arshavin and Rosicky as your midfield??? Holy s**t!! What a midfield!
I can finally see the light i can see the trophies! Not this season but the next will be interesting.
We will be in the Champions League and we will be a threat.
BUT we need better finishers at the front……..we still need that – I still can’t see Bendtner delivering.
Should we look somewhere else?? We need speed up front, we need players that are finishers – we have not got that. Van P – yes – Ed – yes Bendt – no so much – Adeb – sometimes – who should we invest in? Good question!
How much longer do we all need to wait?
Next season……………….. Aufgrund der unterschiedlichen lernertypen sollten hierbei so viele eingangskanäle wie möglich mehr hilfreiche Tipps genutzt werden