Arsenal v West Brom

Arsenal V West Brom – were you expecting less or more? We should win the match!

First half – the Arsenal of old…nearly but not really – second half…. the Arsenal of now……hesitant, nervous, confused and….not finishing. Off to sleep we go…
BUT…Arshavin what a difference a Kosack makes. The ‘Little General’ has a very limited time on the bench let alone on our pay salary. Arshavin is a real worker who abviously wants to work for his money. He’s got the right attitude, he’s got the right ‘forward’ thinking. He’s working out to be a good investment. And working hard! But most of all…….. he’s not afraid!
Nasri – again top performance – how do we survive without him?
All other players within Arsenal with your ‘salary’……… be afraid! We will not invest if you continue to go down and if you continue to ‘draw’ against teams you should win?
Song? Should be Long gone! See ya!!!!
Denilson – a long way to go!
Eboue – you should grow up and lose your ego – you are not the greatest!
Bendtner – don’t get ahead of yourself.
For the club…….Love talks but patience, time and money will walk and walk it will…….. fast!
Arsenal have a very, very, very slim chance at gaining European placement – but who wants ‘placement’ if you can’t get your name on ‘the door’.
It’ll take a big effort from the Arsenal lads, management, board, fans, family etc ….but which language do I say??….”Don’t let us down!!” or even more so than that………….”Score goals!! It’s that big thing at the other end of the pitch that has the net!!!!!!”
Maybe one day……they’ll find it……………………..
I guess support is all they can hope for and major slip ups from other teams ahead of them……this is football isn’t it! basecamp next the original project managment webapp, reinvented unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have heard of basecamp being described as the project management app to rule them all