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Arsenal v Blackburn

Nice to see the team smiling. Arshavin scored a goal!! Eboue scored too – even tho it felt more like an ego thing to get the penalty kick. Arshavin is going from strength the strength. I can really see why Wenger went for him. Wow is the word. Can you imagine…… Walcott, Fabregas, Arshavin and […]

Gunners v Burnley

We should win this match but I have a feeling The Gooners will make it hard work. 2 – 1 is my prediction. But if it’s more….. we’ll all be happy. Learnsphere won funding, the nsf officials said, in large part because the effort will build off of extensive work that researchers at carnegie mellon […]

Arsenal v West Brom

Arsenal V West Brom – were you expecting less or more? We should win the match! First half – the Arsenal of old…nearly but not really – second half…. the Arsenal of now……hesitant, nervous, confused and….not finishing. Off to sleep we go… BUT…Arshavin what a difference a Kosack makes. The ‘Little General’ has a very […]