Arsenal v Cardiff – Wow Eduardo welcome back

Sorry I’ve been away on holiday for afew weeks- thus away from writing.
Premiership is going strong for alot of the other teams and Arsenal seem to be unsure of themselves – some of the time.
The dream start – I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of Eduardo – and mate what a dream start he’s having. OK it’s the FA Cup but no one could have seen this coming. Two goals in his first ‘first’ team match. You could tell it meant alot to everyone involved. And the players seemed to be in sync with each other for the first time in a very long time! Slick passing, foward movement – even Bendtner looked in form for once.

Hopefully this will continue for the Premiership and Champions League. We all know the team needs a kick up the you know what – lets hope the kicks developes goals and trophies! Transparent windows are not my cup of tea, in fact they drive me crazy, so I didn’t explore this function much