Arsenal v West Ham – Struggle, trip….falling

Another match where potential is coming – finishing is lacking again. Even Van Persie has acknowledged this recently.

Struggle, trip….falling!
Eboue may well ‘apologise’ but the guy has an ego that is alot bigger than his fat stupid mouth!
He has a reputation that is a moaner, 2nd rate player, diver, immature person who is going down in flames! Will he grow up??? Unlikely during this Arsenal squad. He must be kicked out on his sorry ego ‘I love me’ arse into the depth of the African league! “Bye – don’t look back because none of us are – you wanker!”
As for the rest of the team –  they are at a stand still point in their career. Yes we have Van Persie but no one else and alone person up front becomes no one especially if he doesn’t get the ‘feeds’ he needs!
Lets hope Arshavin & Edwardo can bring a step into the players stride. Who’s Bischoff?? What a waste of money he’s been! Christ… I’m about to throw my shirt(s) into the nearest skip!
As for the Prem’ future?  The title this year has passed us by. It takes miracles and it would take many plane crashes to get us there! (lets hope not because that’s not the way to win)
Europe? Down the stream with a very little paddle!
FA Cup? – by the grace of god.

Arsenal could try the A-League? – Yeah right! And it may well be that women aren’t getting jobs in a different set of occupations than the control help to do assignment group is, he added