Arsenal v Bolton – lot’s of passing not alot of anything else…

Lots of passing not a lot of anything else………

It seems the short passing is coming back but not alot else.
Arsenal struggled against a defensive Bolton. Botlon weren’t there to win they were there to defend and fustratate. And they did well!
Arsenal were lost for answers! Lost for non runners, lost for off the ball movement, lost for examples. All in all – I actually fell asleep during this game. Serious! I had nothing left for The Gunners.
The game was f***ing boring!!!
The second half was better but by how much?
The Gunners are slowly getting their confidence back with lots of passes and one touches but they look lost when it comes to scoring goals. The Gunners had no answers! They looked flat! They looked lost!!

Cese is greatly missed as well as Rosicky.
They need someone who can penitrate, run, open gaps, feed, then have ability to score when it’s needed.

What have we got now?? Some Danish wanker who’s ego is bigger then is right hand!

Not much to look forward to!!

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