Arsenal v Aston Villa – The BIG difference…..

Arsenal v Aston Villa – were the Gunners lucky? Or unlucky?
What happened?
Villa never gave up while Arsenal, (fought hard) again, took their foot off the pedal, eye off the ball in the dying moments and lost vital points AGAIN!!!! And again……..and again…………..
Even my wife, who’s not a football fan, said the team are not playing together – they are playing as single units on the same pitch!
Sagna had a blinder for most of it! Ramsey came on but didn’t look comfy. Van Persie was all alone and was hard to find. Gallas…………… was good for most of it except for the ‘gun-ho Gallas’ tackle attempt that lead to the penalty. Arsenal were missing!
Diaby nice goal but can you not do the fancy stuff so often please?? I love your work but it’s getting tired! we are all gerttin tired!
Arsenal are missing the connections that make Arsenal truly a joy to watch.
The current football is not Arsenal!!
Looking at what’s happening at the moment – Wenger/Arsenal/fans are giving the players 50% of their confidence (which is fine) while the players can’t make up the other 50% or even 25% – and it shows! They are over protected and very spoilt. Send them to an army camp or something.
They do the short passes (sometimes) then try and fly one into the box, in the hope that the opposition defence will stuff up and let them in!! How many times does it take until Arsenal sees that this does not work?? It doesn’t work for Scunthorpe, it doesn’t work for West Brom so why the hell would it work for Arsenal?? Keep the short passes simple going into the box then shoot!!! What part of simple do you not understand?? Pass and move – pass and move! Simple! Should we say it in French or Spanish??
Get your selves sorted Arsenal or alot of our fans will sort you out!
Then, whilst defending, the Arsenal defenders just boot the ball out of the box to no one!
Where did that come from?? No confidence with each other? No communication, no belief in each others abilities?
That’s not the Arsenal way! It’s concern station folks.
I’m sure the players and staff feel as lost as the rest of us, but I’m getting sick of the #@&% ** excuses!!!
Who should Wenger sell during the transfer market time?
1) Bendtner (surprise surprise no one even bidding for that waste of time piece of Danish crap)
2) Song – he has 5 yellow cards and just doesn’t fit the mold – sorry matey!
3) Sylvestre – you played a good game today but confidence? I’ve never really been impressed even at United!

Buy?? Someone over 22 please that doesn’t need nappy training!!

Finally – what really lost the game on the end??

Villa wanted to win the game
Arsenal needed to win the game.
That’s The Big Difference!

Now it comes down to player belief! Every fan has given now it’s souly up to the players to remain focused fo 95 minutes of each match not 80 minutes!
Should the Arsenal fans, who have paid your way, spent their wages, influenced families, still beleive in what you are doing??
Wenger??? You better be on the money! Because if you ain’t….. you better run!!
Oh I know…..lets blame the ref.  Wenger try and grow up! Nice arm waving & nice puffer jacket ummm not convinced, you could take up deep sea diving!

I can happily do without the current squad & the way they are playing! (And I’ve put a lot of investment $$$ into this crap! and I’m not getting much back anymore)

Prove me wrong…..and I’ll take back this whole email and apologise to those concerned if we win the title!

But after this Villa game…………………

Sorry they use to be worth getting up for at 4am! Now it’s just a hang over!
I’m gonna start watchin the highlights show at midday!
If I can be bothered!!!!
I did everything I could to keep the price low