Arsenal v Liverpool football drama at it’s greatest

Arsenal v Liverpool was football drama at it’s greatest!
Howard Webb (ref) had his worse ever match.
If Adebayor should have been sent off for what he did in the 61st minute, then Keane should have been sent off alot earlier – and as for Lucas – who didn’t he foul on the pitch?? Adebayor’s first foul was a nothing! Howard Webb – disappointed!

Howard Webb lacked his usual sharpness – in fact Howard Webb is the biggest blind ref since ‘the hand of god’ world cup incident….those many years ago! BUT COLLECTIVELY _ The refs during the entire weekend of other matches were RUBBISH! Go back to basics or get video involved! So many of the decision this weekend were terrible – THE REFS WERE RUBBISH! – Landfill open up!

Anyway…. after Adebayor was wrongfully sent off – Liverpool threw away their chance to secure top place. They lacked depth they lacked confidence. They seemed to take their foot off the pedal!
Arsenal still don’t look sharp enough BUT they came together and just lasted out the match.
The match showed the internal strength that they have together! Very strong but alittle uncomfortable! I’m sure it will grow!

In the last 5 minutes why did Almunia just kick it into ‘nothing’ space. The guy has no brains!!! Gallas and co moved up and were looking for the ball and Alumnia did crap kick into no mans land. Almunia = Dick head!
Great saves but no brains!
We could had the chance to win it you useless Spanish git!! Kick it to your players that were waiting!!!

Gallas proved how important he still is to Arsenal – even if he is not captian! Good defence, strong defence.

The Van Persie goal was magical!! Just nuts! That man has the touch – the dangerous touch! God help any keeper!
The only reason Liverpool got back in was cause Djourou was too slow to pick up Keane and many times Djourou was covered by Clichy or Gallas. The back four need more time together.

Cese maybe out for some time – Diaby is too immature to hold mid field – can we afford to bring in the young guns? I think to add more pace Ramsey should be pushed into the starting 11 as well as Wilshere! Wenger keeps talking about their ability – lets give them a real test!

With Adebayor out for a week or two….. who can step up?
Bendtner is reliable as a shit on a stick!
Vela could pull his socks all together or could we see an early return of Eduardo? (nope)

We’ve got Villa this Boxing day, the dark horse so far.
Arsenal should take a risk and do it now!
No Wenger won’t!
He’ll play it safe & warm.
All up we’ll escape with…..another draw! It could be just that!
But who knows! Do you??
It could be a thrashin! Or a nothin affair…
Don’t ya love football?!?!?

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