Arsenal v Liverpool – a day or so out

Arsenal v Liverpool.
This weekend is make or break for Arsenal….and Liverpool.
Arsenal lose – we are out of winning the Premiership trophy!
Arsenal win? We are still in the race…..only just!
Arsenal need the top 4 to drop points over the Christmas period!
Liverpool need to keep their space apart form the rest as much as possible.
Arsenal are out of sorts, not playin the way we all know. But they are capable of pulling a surprise or two!
Will they take their chances today against the scousers?
Or will the scousers rob us of our wheels and hub caps?
Place your bets ladies and gents!
My shirt is on the hanger!
And it could be a ‘one off sale’
Let’s see……………… There’s nothing too out of the ordinary with vg1’s design, as it’s a fairly typical bluetooth speaker