Arsenal v M/B – another show of nothing

I don’t know about you – I’m not even sure who looks at this ‘Blog’ – but The Gunners are not firing anything! Not even firing blanks!
This game was as about interesting as watching paint dry or growing grass. The Gunners were predicable and what’s with the huge clearances to no one by the full backs? Thats’ not Arsenal!!!
Song should have been replaced earlier, Diaby should have been looking around alot more, Adebayor should have not been so lazy! The back 4 need more time to become solid. I don’t know….. it just seems to be going backwards! Wenger must be worried and should be looking over his shoulder!
Me? I’m losing interest and patience rather quickly!
It just seems that there is alot missing with this current team! Loads of talent but not enough depth. Or is it that they are given so much belief that it’s blocking communication between them all? Can you give a team too much belief that ones ego’s get in the way or that it hazes the reality of playing properly together?
Finishing (i’ve said this too many times before) – finishing is lacking! Passing is way ward! Defence is shaky! Cese is a wonderful player, sometimes, but he’s not a captain! I’ve seen his last interview on the BBC football website – he’s not ready! He’s not mature enough! Arsenal need someone to pull their socks up!! Get them motivated! Yes Gallas was extremely stupid to say what he said BUT he is a motivator! I’ve watched his speeches to the players b4 and during the games – he know’s how to get them going!  I also heard afew comments from match commentators and it seems Bendtner could be the problem within Arsenal! Get rid of that wanker and the camp will be alot better off! Apparently he’s been rubbing alot of the squad up the wrong way! If that’s the case……what have i been saying before??? The guy is a waste of time and space!
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