Arsenal v Wigan Football – SCORE GOALS NOT LOOK PRETTY!

Arsenal v Wigan…… Arsenal were much improved but still lack the maturity.
Again…having Van Persie & Adebayor up front proved a handful for the Wigan defence BUT Wigan had an off day!
The first half was entertaining, the second half started well for both teams but Arsenal failed to take benefit of their home advantage.
The last 20 minutes for Arsenal was nervous and shaky at the back. Wigan kept going while Arsenal switched off and hoped for the whistle!
In fact….the mid field were suffering too. Mistake after mistake.
Eboue was not confident and the fans told him so – so much so he was replaced in the dying minutes. God what was he doing??
The back line needs a shake up! Djourou played a very good match (again) but the back 4 need some kind of communication! They need understanding in what ever language is needed! Hello??? Defend! You take this guy and stick to him!!
Is Almunia not getting his directions across?
What’s being misinterpreted?
These big clearing kicks from the back 4 are not what Arsenal is about!
Where have they come from?
A lack of communication or confidence in each other?
Fab as captain is a nice gesture but has he got what it takes? By the look on his face he may crumble at the first newspaper headline! (I believe in Fab but recently he’s been out muscled by stronger defenders)
Some of the passing was Arsenal of weeks back but again the finishing spark is lacking!

The Champions League looks reasonably safe for now (this week) but the Premier League is looking shaky and unstable.
They need to sort out the defense, communication, language, roles and then find the link towards the front who can make the runs to get space and score goals not look pretty!!

I want them to win as much as you do but…………………………..

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