Arsenal v Man City another show of hopeless football

Well, well, well – 3 holes in the ground!
Those three holes are where Arsenal belong after this weekends match!  The game was sloppy. At times the passing was awful! Arsenal were playing like they’d never played together before!
I kept double checking my tv to make sure i wasn’t watching a 3rd division team from The Faukland Islands!! (Although they probably would have performed better)

They dearly miss Gallas at the back, Fabregas through the middle, Wilcott’s speed and any type of decent attacking cohesion up front. Van Persie didn’t have a strike partner and looked confused!

Man City had the defense in 6’s and 7’s. Man City ran riot when they needed too and Arsenal paid the price!

This Arsenal football is just not good enough.
This Arsenal football is rubbish!
This Arsenal football is unacceptable!

This Arsenal football is a joke!

Even though we are still in the beginning stages of the season….. it’s hard to stay focused on ‘maybe’.

Having Edwardo and hopefully Rosicky in by Christmas will be like having new players. Let’s hope they can revive this pathetic display of hopeless football! Not just the beautiful architecture and setting, the people make it great