Arsenal v Aston Villa – All that Arsenal have is BIG EGOS!

Arsenal v Aston Villa or was it Villa v slack arses?
Arsenal were still celebrating their recent wins instead of playin football!
Wenger obvisously wanted everything to be held up and played in the midfield becoz Arsenal have no fire power up front!!
It’s becoming so obvious now that since the departure of Henry many years ago that he is struggling to see a path clear enough to fill the gap.
Bendtner is still a waste of time, money and space. He can’t hold the ball, Bendtner can’t run at players, Bendtner is slow and predicable, Bendtner has to be sold – better still give him away. Bendtner is useless! Him and Adebayer don’t communicate. What is Wenger trying to prove??
Sylvestre is still a waste of time money and space.
The way Arsenal played today is a waste of MY time, money and space.
Villa took to the pitch and deserved to win – and win they did with conviction!! They made chances and they took chances! They made Arsenal pay!

The Gunners weren’t loaded! Villa defended very well and outplayed them! Again…..Arsenal were hoilding everything up in midfield! Diaby was playing a midfield role when he should have been further up the field!
Arsenal haven’t got the mindset to win titles….not this season – they haven’t got the conviction or passion to want a title!

ALL ARSENAL HAVE IS EGO!!!! However, keeping track of what we send out to the cloud is not so easy nor convenient