Drogba the coin thrower

OK – The only Chelsea supporters I’ve met have promised alot and delivered nothing – right Karl??

I’m not a Chelsea fan – never have been never will be BUT when some dick head throws a coin at you to hurt you or even kill you – wouldn’t you react??

BUT on this instance – Drogba needed to stick up for himself – who else was gonna be hit?? People who throw that sort of ‘thing’ are out to dreadfully hurt someone! What’s next batteries up the a*****! that’s an English thing……

Drogba is an actor, Drogba falls over every blade of grass – he’s crap, he’s a Chelsea wank BUT if a coin was thrown at you and it hit…….would you be angry or would you leave it up to the 4th official??
Yes he didn’t react properly but having a coin thrown at you – how would you react??

Yes ok punish him BUT get the person who threw the coin! Put him or her on trial too! Find out why the hell he or she did that – then serve your sentence……………properly!

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