Arsenal v Man U

Arsenal v Man U…..what a match!!!
I sit here now looking at my last comment/post – and i stand (happily) corrected!
Arsenal did win! I said they would lose.
Mr Wenger….if one day you read this…. please accept my humblist apologise. I also said that who ever wins this match would win the title………

The match was ‘edge of ya seat’ stuff! United had the chances and, somehow, did not take them. The usual slick Arsenal passing (at times) and Man U determination made this one of the matches of the season (so far). Crazy!! Every player on the pitch earnt their keep. (except Phil N who looked thankfully uncomfortable). I can’t beleive the 6 minutes extra time at the end! Yes it might have been that much but 6 minutes during is sort of match might as well be 6 hours!

Arsenal have pulled off a match I’d thought they’d lose.
No fire power up front (Bendtner) and what do you know??? I took my eye off Nasri, Fabregas, Diaby & Denilson. They held the midfield as best they can.
Diaby should always be in the starting 11. Under rated player, under rated passing, under rated defence, under rated skill, he deserves more respect and he deserves more match time. The four of them held the match together many times.
Arsenal need to look at this match and learn more!
They are not ‘The Invincibles’ but they are serious contenders for the title.
BUT they will need alot of luck, they will need alot of fortune, they will need the top teams to drop vital points and have key players sidelined?

Arsenal are talented, Arsenal are young, Arsenal are moving forward but are they title winners?
Only time will tell.
I will try and give them as much support as i can – I made a pomise that if they did win the Premiership title….I would buy their latest home shirt (long sleeve)
Size XL thanks………………

Nice win to The Wellington Pheonix.
Bugger the Japan team lost in the Under 17 Womens World Cup match. There goes the real football entertainment. There is widespread interest amongst the youth of the uae to pursue educational opportunities in some of the above mentioned countries but there are many doubts and queries in the minds of both students and families