Arsenal V Man U…..this’ll be interesting

A day or so out from the match and The Gunners show no real hope of winning this match against ‘one of the big boys’ in world football – Man U!
BUT as the premier league is showing recently… can never be sure what any match holds.
Somehow…… i can not see Arsenal taking this match – even on home turf. They have a weak strike force as it is, and with Van P red carded, Adeb injuried it’s time for the younger boys to take the torch and hope like hell they score.

I think it’ll be a game of wit, a game of tactic, a game of passing the ball back/around/down/forward/back/keeper/forward/back/keeper/around/keeper/back/up/down/back…. until everyone falls asleep. In other words it could be a game of boredom.
Lets hope not – in the past they have been thrillers. Last second goals, near fist fights, passion and anger, song and glory!

My prediction?……. a team wins and they carry on and win the title…………..just! I write essay by know, for most of the readers it may sound like ancient history