Arsenal v Stoke – Belief is wearing very thin!

Arsenal v Stoke City – What was that???  Wengers line….. ‘I beleive……………….I feel…… I beleive we have……………..’ Arsenal – Is today a team that failed to deliver AGAIN…. Youth? Maturity? I saw Arsenal players wanting to ‘abandon ship’ not play football!! Arsenal gave up! Adebayor got injured?? – not even i beleive that!  He gave up!  The next transfer window – he’s gone!! Would you like to put a bet on that?? Jan 8th he’ll be sold! Give me your bets!!
Back to the match – towards the middle of the second half – the players were on the bus way before the whistle blew.  Stoke City took it to them….and won!!  A fine display – you’ve done well!
Van Persie what the f*** were you thinking??  You deserved a red card jonge! Stupid mindless w***!   Klote!  Silly boy – and i do mean BOY!!  You’ve let the team down you’ve let everyone down and i do mean everyone!  ‘Oh I’m a Dutch striker so I’m so special’ you will never be Bergkamp – so ‘f’ off and smoke aspliff with your stoned useless Dutch Nation!  Concertrate on playin football and not on your ego and we’ll all be happier!
Clichy scored his first goal for The Gunners…..but it won’t be celebrated and that’s a shame. He’s worked hard and (have had some mistakes) but is mainly very solid. As for the rest of them….time to re-group and think about what the hell is going on???

It’s amazing how one North London club can rise and then all of a sudden the other falls – what is that about? Don’t let this be the season……….. There is an application process for that, and how to write an effective argumentative essay it is a pretty competitive organization to be a part of