Arsenal v Spurs – How The Gunners shot themselves in the foot!

Arsenal v Spurs is the top North London derby.
5 days ago every bookie had their bets on The Gunners winning….easily. Enter the blue corner – Harry Redknapp.  He’s a dealer, a wheeler – he knows how to motivate.

So why didn’t the players take Spurs alot more seriously?
The first 20 minutes of match had the Gunners scrambling for the ball – enter Bentley with one of those goals that scratches every head.
As the game went on the players thought it was ‘Gunners country!’ Move after move – goal after goal attempt!
So why did they in the last 10 minutes – being 4 – 2 up suddenly stop playing?

The last 13 minutes they decided to lagged back in their half playing the over confident/cocky waiting game and before they knew it, they’d tripped up, fallen over, ran out of ideas, yelled at each other and lost a match that they, apparently , had control of!!! ‘Lack of maturity’ said Wenger….. put your nappy back on mate!!
Final score at The Emirates…………….

The Gunners shot themselves in the mature foot!!
They had the points and gave it back to Spurs “hey here you go Harry and the boys…we are a young team and we can beat you next year…..ooh where did i put my excuses??”

Oh sorry, Arsenal have used that ‘young’ excuse already –
HHmmm full backs – ahhhhhh the goal scorer Sylvestre crazy how he gets the starting line up when you’ve got better players STILL sitting on the bench!!  Forget about the amount of passes he gave away and forget about the number of times he just kicks the ball out of play instead of playing it. Gee am I the only one that sees that this 31 year old is a waste of space?
Oh he’s also older than the others on the pitch…so where did Wengers ‘policy’ go about not getting ‘old’ players??
Experience…yeah we are learning the experience of knowing that Wenger might pay the price for getting this idiot call Sylvestre – his marking is poor, tackling dodgy, passing questionable so why is he in the starting eleven??

Wenger!!! Play the other backs that deserve to play!!! You know who they are!! So play them!!

Am I looking forward to the next match?? Are you??
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