Arsenal delight, Spurs plight

The match against Everton was one of first half confusion then second half delight!

In the first half The Gunners looked confused and lost. Their passing was terrible, movement off the ball slow – it looked like that they had never played together! Cue Everton goal! Cue Everton confidence. The Gunners were flat footed! Enter the half time whistle……………. the second half was The Gunners we’d hoped for. Slick, professional, fast paced, precise – lethal! The second half was all about making up for the first half. They delivered! Good on them! I was happy to get up at an un-godly hour to watch the match! That was close. BUT they’ve yet to meet the top teams. Chelsea are burning the league, Liverpool showing depth, Man U doing what they do best (we all know what that is). BUT it’s nice (for the mean time) to see Hull City in the top four standings. Villa have potential as well as Man City but you never know.

As for Spurs!! OK being a North London supporter it’s part of the code to wish your closest rivals to be crap but what’s happening at White Hart Lane is astounding! They are in free fall at a fast rate! I still think Martin Jole should not have gone. But Ramos & co are very good coaches – what’s going on behind the closed doors? Who knows.

Back to earlier matters: Arsenal; Mr Wenger what ever you said in the dressing room, at half time, worked wonders and it showed. Well done kid! Can you maybe give Ces & Walcott a rest this week? They look tired mate – so give the other Gunners a run or two – ok?
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