Another Arsenal Weekend – Finishing Is Not Happening!

It’s another Arsenal weekend.
We did badly AGAIN!
Sunderland use to be my boy-hood team along with Liverpool (later in life) But I’d never thought The Gunners would be held to ransom until the dying minutes of a Sunderland game!
Wenger looked stressed and very unhappy with the display. And so he should be!
Thankfully I didn’t get up at 4am to watch this display of bad finishing from a team that does not perform on the ‘easy’ matches. What is it with these games??
Sunderland are not push overs BUT The Gunners should have sealed the deal alot earlier!
Too much confidence or lack of maturity?
AGAIN…..Finishing is NOT happening with Arsenal as far as the Premier League. But when will the Champions League start being effected? Then the other cups?

At this rate….we will see another season without silverware, without results, without confidence and without resolve! Is it time to start questioning Wengers plans? He keeps talking about the future but how long should we wait? When will the Young Guns start producing?
All the other teams are picking up on what he is doing and we are starting to suffer!
Last season Middlesborough closed The Gunners down and caused an upset!

It’s begining to be predictable!
It’s beginning to be……………………… It’s however possible that the increased size crucial source would allow for more powerful innards, but that’s something we may have to wait until next week to confirm one way or another