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Arsenal v Spurs – How The Gunners shot themselves in the foot!

Arsenal v Spurs is the top North London derby. 5 days ago every bookie had their bets on The Gunners winning….easily. Enter the blue corner – Harry Redknapp.  He’s a dealer, a wheeler – he knows how to motivate. So why didn’t the players take Spurs alot more seriously? The first 20 minutes of match […]

Arsenal v Fenerbahce

I was expecting a close match – being it played in Turkey…..however what I got – I was floored as much as the opposition! The Gunners were outstanding, ruthless and took no prisoners! We were lucky not to be scored against on many occassions and lucky is the word. Silvestre is still a big ‘questionable’. […]

Arsenal delight, Spurs plight

The match against Everton was one of first half confusion then second half delight! In the first half The Gunners looked confused and lost. Their passing was terrible, movement off the ball slow – it looked like that they had never played together! Cue Everton goal! Cue Everton confidence. The Gunners were flat footed! Enter […]

Another Arsenal Weekend – Finishing Is Not Happening!

It’s another Arsenal weekend. We did badly AGAIN! Sunderland use to be my boy-hood team along with Liverpool (later in life) But I’d never thought The Gunners would be held to ransom until the dying minutes of a Sunderland game! Wenger looked stressed and very unhappy with the display. And so he should be! Thankfully […]