Careless?? Arsenal v Hull

Wenger….you call that careless?? What planet are you living on!!?? I call it ‘lettin the underdogs get away with murder!’ AND GOOD ON THEM! HULL CITY – WELL DONE!

The Gunner players thought they had it in the bag! They lost their wages in this one. Score a goal?? You’re joking!! I can pass alot better than our current strikers can score goals? I’m kidding? NO!

Arsenal like to look pretty/fluffy/flowing – but they are begining to look like ‘the skinny (throwing up after a meal) models’ of fashion. Again we lacked the commitment to finish. Scoring and finishing are two different things! Useless is obvious! Where was the finishing?? Oh well it’s early in the season – how much longer can i say that??

Guys i love the passing, movement off the ball and style ….BUT if it doesn’t get results!!!…… Where are we left? Trophie-less! (AGAIN!) JUST GET THE FREEKIN BALL IN THE NET!! Stop pissin about!!!! What part of that sentence do you not understand??

Score the goals – JUST get the job done!

Chelsea are gettin momentum and …………..they are on target!!

Let that be the warning! The truth is, tons of the forum people don’t get in on their first try