Wellington Phoenix & NZ Football – NZL football we need to change the way we play

The Wellington Phoenix lost – surprise – freakin surprise!(NOT!)
They are about as enjoyable as a smack in the head! For goodness sake…… can someone please play some decent football!!!?

This tactic of ‘floating it into the box’ never ever works! Why can’t the players and staff see this??
They need to firstly get the ball, retain the ball, do the clever runs, make the space, keep the ball on the ground and not make ‘floating passes’ to no one!
Does the couch not see this problem? NZ & The Phoenix need a coaches that can change the look of the league – not ones that ride on luck!
What does it take?? I’ll do it if they are short of ideas!!!!

NZ football on the whole – ‘needs to change’,  the way we play, ‘needs to change’!

Look at The Gunners and learn! One touches one passes – is there anyone one out there that can help the cause? Can you give NZL what we definitely need!?? Why can’t we have that flair, confidence, style and spirit?

NZL football needs to make changes now!! We are sooooooooooooooo far behind it’ just wrong! We are past 3rd world and entering 5th world as far as football goes! (if there is such a thing!)

We have a World Cup coming soon (that we hope to qualify for) and NZL needs to step it up BIG TIME! Otherwise we will be the ’embarrassment of the tournament’ and that will destroy everything that ‘the old Scotsman’ had built.We need more strength, we need more fluent passing & control!

Football will die in NZL and we will all have nothing. We will be ‘dead in the water!’ And I’m not joking!! We have to be honest……..we can’t compete unless we get funding & proper coaching – and I mean serious amounts! Lets approach some oil rich Arabs? Why not? Look how Man City have bounced back!

We’ve got old guys that lumber towards the ball. It’s disgraceful!! Why can we not produce real results??  We have plenty of people from Sth America that want to play football. Why can we not inter-grate them?? Why?? Bull-crap politics!
When i was  kid i got to the last stages of the football trail for the under 18 NZ team BUT i got sent packing packing because ‘they’ didn’t know me well enough. Me and my best mate, were top scorers in HB (40 goals), we were hard forward players, we were sent packing because we didn’t ‘give head’ to the guys that were choosing the NZ selection committee at that time!!
Frustrated?? – you bet – we left football & played another sport!
How many other ‘stars’ slipped thru their Kleenex wipes? Countless!

What would you have done?

Who else has walked??

Lets hope NZ football grows up! Let’s hope the future of football in NZL is a good and respectable one. Where players are chosen to represent their country because they are great, talented players not cause their dad’s fund the directors KY fund! Let’s hope one day can be proud of our team and lets hope we can call them our own! (I want them to wear black – no more white – lets go black!!)

They win when they wear black! The dean was sure to address https://midnightpapers.com this in his interview with msj by explaining that the ranking methodology is flawed