Gunners v Bolton – Davies should have been sent off!!

Gunners v Bolton….What a match!

The lads got one in the head from a surprised Bolton, then the Gunners struck back and controlled for the rest of the game. At a few times they were abit shaky but they held pretty tight. No one is perfect and the league is still at it’s early stage. Thankfully Clichy is not badly injured – but Davies should have been sent off!! It was a two footed tackle that went wrong.

Players like that cost decent quality players their career!

Again – get rid of idiots like Barton & Bowyer. Toss pots! ! Dennis Wise (You’ve got to be kidding?) the director of Newcastle?….no wonder you are free falling!! The guy is so full of his own shorts that he comes up…… day dreaming into his kleenex tissues!! These guys are more than words can say – more than I can say on this page.

Anyway, on a brighter note, at the present time the Gunners are top of the table on 12 points. Chelsea v Man U shortly that should be a thrilling match fought with alot of passion. Personally – I’d like to see Man U take it. 3 – 1 or 2 – 1. What ever it takes to be honest! But keep that to yourself!

One thing, that i enjoyed during the week was the interview/show with Wenger & Ferguson up on stage together. They looked like old buddies – guys that have hung out for years together. Nearly hand holding lovers! It was great to see the two ‘elite of football’ bouncing sentences off each other. They both know that they are the ‘managing gods’ of the Premier League. No one comes close to their experience and passion towards the beautiful game. It was very re-freshing to see that they are human and have a personality. I’d love to meet up with them both in a pub one day – sit down – have a few pints and watch them talk their talk and absorb their knowledge! There’s gold in them two gents that no book could publish. I often think the best advice is ‘spoken’ more than written – especially when it comes to football and tactics. Much is lost during conversations that we forget to write down. It’s time to start writing!

Liverpool…held to a nil all draw….. who would have have thought! Stoke??? Credit due! Diese tiere, die nicht mit den dinosauriern verwandt sind, Webseite des Unternehmens konnten mit ihren fl├╝geln schlagen